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Player Profile 
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Corey Sims 

  • Nick name: Simsy or Chook jnr
  • Occupation: Uni Student
  • Favourite position: Ruck
  • Years at the club: 9
  • Favourite Movie: Rush Hour
  • Favourite food: Green Thai Curry
  • Sexiest teammate: “Slayer” Jones
  • Fav music: Rhythm of the night
  • Socks up or down: Up
  • Best coach ever: David Sims (Dad)
  • Coaches Pet: Hopefully Myself
  • Hobbies/pastimes: Fortnite
  • Last book read: Uni Text book
  • Most annoying drunk: J-Mac
  • Worst Injury: Collarbone – twice!
  • What you love about the club: MatesPlayer Profile 

Player Profile

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Blake Penney 

  • Nick name: Tickets
  • Occupation: Arborist
  • Favourite position: Ruck
  • Years at the club: 16
  • Games played: 150+ junior games , 80+ senior games
  • Favourite Movie: Law Abiding Citizen
  • Favourite food: The Colonel KFC
  • Sexiest teammate: Chad “the slickback “ Schoenmakers
  • Fav music: Alternative
  • Socks up or down: One up one down
  • Coaches Pet: Troy Menzel
  • Hobbies/pastimes: Live music, telling jokes , beatbox
  • Last book read: The Outsiders
  • Most annoying drunk: Doc Sandercock after a good game
  • Worst Injury: PCL knee
  • What you love about the club: growing up with your mates through juniors then eventually playing seniors with them.

Player Profile

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Jason Power

  • Nick name: Jase
  • Occupation: Trucker
  • Favourite position: half back
  • Years at the club: 11
  • Favourite Movie: 21 Jump street
  • Favourite food: Pizza
  • Sexiest teammate: Hamish Hunt
  • Fav music: 80’s classics
  • Socks up or down: Up
  • Hobbies/pastimes: Fishing
  • Last book read: The Footy Record
  • Most annoying drunk: Faulks
  • Worst Injury: Achilles
  • What you love about the club: Great lads
  • Fav holiday : Hawaii

Player Profile 
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Peter Persinos

  • Nick name: Pistol, because I’m a son of a gun!
  • Occupation: Surveyor
  • Favourite position: Forward
  • Years at the club: 2
  • Favourite movie: Billy Madison
  • Favourite food: Pizza
  • Sexiest teammate: Cam (Doc) Sandercock
  • Favourite music: Everything (disco/rap/country /heavy metal / pop / R&B type of fusion)
  • Socks up or down: Down
  • Coaches Pet: Ryan Spittle
  • Hobbies/pastimes: Golf, but I suck at it
  • Last book read: Specky McGee
  • Most annoying drunk: Jack Bollmeyer
  • Worst Injury: Ankle
  • What you love about the club: Mateship
  • Likes: Beers with the boys

Player Profile 
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Jake Robinson

  • Nick name: Robbo
  • Occupation: Reece Plumbing
  • Favourite position: Any or full forward
  • Years at the Club: 15
  • Games played: 180+ juniors, 70+ seniors
  • Favourite movie: Coach Carter
  • Favourite food: Bacon deluxe Hunger Tamers
  • Sexiest teammate: Chad Schoenmakers
  • Favourite music: Carltons Theme song (we are the navy blues)
  • Socks up or down: Down
  • Coaches Pet: Matt Stent
  • Hobbies/pastimes: Drinking beers
  • Last book read: Can’t read
  • Most annoying drunk: Peter Persinos
  • Worst Injury: Dislocated shoulder
  • What you love about the club: The boys and footy trips
  • Likes: 90’s/00’s open mic night, Carlton, long romantic walks along the beach
  • Dislikes: Peter Persinos when he’s drunk


Player Profile 
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Andrew McKelvie

  • Nickname: Crispy
  • Occupation: Industrial Refrigeration, Technical sales
  • Years at club: 9 years
  • Favourite position: Half forward
  • Favourite food: Thai
  • Sexiest teammate: Mitch Comrie
  • Favourite music: Foo Fighters
  • Socks up or down: Down
  • Hobbies/pastimes: House reno's
  • Last book read: Idiots guide to cubby houses
  • Most annoying drunk: Me!!!
  • Worst injury: Calf
  • What you love about the club: It's family orientated


Player Profile 
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Joshua Flynn 

  • Nick name: Flynny
  • Occupation: Roof plumber (water flow expert)
  • Fav Position: Half Back
  • Years at the club: 15
  • Games played: 150+ juniors 90+ seniors
  • Fav Movie: The Beach
  • Socks up or down: down
  • Sexiest team mate: Blake Penney
  • Fav Food: Burritos
  • Hobbies: guitar-surfing
  • Fav Music: alternative
  • Last book read: The subtle art of not giving a F**k
  • Annoying Drunk: Sam Corbett
  • What do you love about the club: comfortability
  • Worst injury: medial lig strain
  • Likes: big hugs from Steve Pollock
  • Dislikes: cold mornings

Player Profile 
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Terry Van Ristell

  • Name: Terry Van Ristell
  • Nickname: Tez
  • Position: Forward Flank
  • Sexiest team mate: Bees Knees (aka Daniel Allen)
  • Most annoying team mate: Choda (aka Shaun Comrie)
  • Favourite Food: Grilled chicken cooked by Kez (nothing to do with the fact she is his sponsor and sitting next to him!)
  • Socks up or down: Down
  • Simpsons or Family Guy: Simpsons
  • Pre-game traditions: Has a haircut before EVERY game!
  • Biggest Influence: Sam McDonald (but really Michael Jordan)
  • Best dressed on the team: Me (no hesitation whatsoever)
  • Worst dressed on the team: Traffic (Tim Black) - ‘sneans’
  • Funniest team mate: Tie between Bees Knees and Choda
  • Last book you read: Don’t read books – only read to check if I’m in the best players
  • How many years at the club: 3
  • Other sports: Basketball
  • Favourite drink – Beam
  • Job: Chippy (but not like Jesus apparently) 

Player Profile

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Luke Flynn

  • Name? Luke Flynn
  • Sponsor? BGC Industrial Cleaning
  • Nick name? Flynny
  • Favourite position? Half Forward
  • How many years at the club? 18
  • Favourite movie? Pulp Fiction
  • Favourite food? Laksa
  • Sexiest team mate? Hamish Hunt
  • Favourite band? Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  • Socks up or down? Down
  • Hobbies? Playing guitar
  • Last book read? The Chalk Man
  • Most annoying drunk? Tom Dodd
  • Worst Injury? Cracked ribs
  • What do you love most about TTGDFC? Mateship

Updated Friday 15/06/2018

Player Profile 

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Jordan Miller

  • Nickname: Millsy
  • Position: Wing
  • Years at the Gully: 12
  • Funniest team mate: Tickets (aka Blake)
  • Sexiest team mate: himself
  • What hair products do you use: Sex Wax (???)
  • Who sucks up to the coach the most: Troy Menzel
  • Quietest person in the rooms before a game: Jake Sinclair
  • What would your autobiography be called: F*#@ I Don't Know
  • Socks up or down: Down
  • What is the best thing since sliced bread: Gully Gushers
  • Best dressed on the team: Justin Maschotta (who is the suck up now??)
  • Family Guy or Simpsons: Simpsons
  • Pre-game superstitions: Do ma thang (whatever that is!)

Player Profile 
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Daniel Wicks 

  • Position (on the field): Centre
  • Years at The Gullies: Started in 96 then went to Sturt for a bit (a lazy 124 league games) then came back in 2009. 250th game tomorrow!
  • Funniest team mate: Jack Grace
  • Sexiest team mate: Daniel Formosa
  • What hair products do you use? The wind
  • What is the best thing since sliced bread? Daniel Wicks (according to Daniel Wicks)
  • Who sucks up to the coach the most? Daniel Golding (no hesitation)
  • Best dressed in the team? Phil Doyle
  • Worst dressed in the team? David Ford
  • Family Guy or Simpson? Simpsons
  • Any pre game superstitions? Get strapped early, get changed late

Updated 11th of May, 2018 

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